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Mamma's Favorite Color

It became routine to meet with the new friends I had made on my trip down the crawfish hole. Our friendly chats sparked new waves of inspiration with every conversation.

“Hello, ladies, how are you today?” I said to the girls placing my bag of yarn goodies besides the cloth-covered table.

“ Hi, Alice!” The greet in synch, each looking up from the project they are currently working on. Both Gertie and Zoe appeared hard at work.

“Zoe, what are you making?” In her paws, was a beautifully colored yarn and a crochet hook.

“A pair of crocheted booties made from crochet thread.” She points to a pattern while holding out the finished bootie for me to see. They were absolutely adorable and perfect for any baby.

I turned to Gertie, whose head remained bent over a sketchbook.

“How about you, Gertie?” She held up the paper in front of her face before turning it around for me to see. A small white lace dress filled the page.

“I am designing a christening gown.” She smiles proud of her work.

“It’s absolutely beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“Thank you!” She says happily.

All this talk of baby items made me think of the babies I had just recently seen for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year had all come and gone, and it felt like the past two years had flown by in a blur of chaos.

Last year had been especially hard. We lost my mother last year, and I miss her dearly. The holidays just haven’t been the same without her. I’ve been thinking of doing something special in honor of her memory.

Her favorite color was blue. Maybe, I could dye some yarn for her and call it “Mamma’s Favorite Color?” Yes! That’s a perfect idea! I think she would like that very much. She used to like to see what my yarns looked like.

With my new project in mind, I enjoyed my time with friendly company.

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